On This Journey Together

Posted on by Gracehaven

By Carrie Smith
Community-based Case Manager
“Mary” has a long history of running away and being gone for months on end. She frequently spent her time on the run with dangerous men. In October, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy which has changed her life for the good. She is pursuing an education and learning how to make healthy choices. She recently told me, "I used to feel like I could do whatever I wanted, but now I understand that I'm a mom first. I need to make choices that make sure my son is safe and healthy."
Gracehaven has helped by providing baby clothes and items, taking her to doctor appointments and helping teach her about her vulnerabilities to being trafficked. But more importantly, we have discussed how God can be an integral part of her life and help her and her son lead positive and fulfilled lives. She's been to a YFC club meeting and is thinking about what God wants for her life. Mary is working hard to be a good mom, and we're excited to walk this journey with her. Please pray for Mary and her baby boy, that they would grow into all God wants them to be!
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