Why Does “Marlo” Love Gracehaven?

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“I love it there.”

“Marlo” was just 12 years old when she spoke those words about Gracehaven. During the early days with us she went to the hospital three times for self harm. And every time the nurses asked how she was doing at Gracehaven she said she loved it.

It didn’t take long for our staff to fall in love with her. She was kind, helpful, giggly and eager to help. Her cheerful demeanor, however, didn’t accurately reflect her inner turmoil.

She came to us after the police picked her up on the street wearing nothing but an oversized men's T-shirt. Marlo shared that she had been molested at age 6, and trafficked since she was about 8 or 9 years old. She had the most difficulty at night. She refused to go to bed, said she had suicidal thoughts, wanted staff to stay in her room with her until she fell asleep, and woke up often during the night.

Marlo has been with Gracehaven for about six months and her growth is encouraging. She is open and engaged in therapy, and has built trusting relationships with multiple RAs. Marlo is wise and wants to change her unhealthy habits of relating to others. She’s completed her entire seventh grade in just five and a half months. She also enthusiastically attends all of the extra activities presented to her. 

Recently Margo turned 13 and the staff threw her a birthday party. She felt very loved. Since she doesn’t have healthy family relationships she very much enjoys one-on-one time with chosen staff.

Marlo chose to attend the Bible studies offered to the girls. She loves learning about God and what the Bible has to say. She even decided to begin a relationship with Christ. And when another girl asked how to become a Christian Marlo jumped in and said, “I’ll show you!”

Thank you for your partnership in helping resilient young girls like Marlo make such great strides in their therapy. And we look forward to the day Marlo – and many other young survivors -- can help others who have suffered the same journey.

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